FBO and Fuel

EGPK - Dakota House, McIntyre Avenue,

Prestwick International Airport, Prestwick, Scotland KA9 2PQ

Tel: +44 (0)1292 511034 / 678252     F: +44(0)1292 678222

E: ops@greeraviation.com        FREQ: 122.050 MHz

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Services / Security

Any FBO can claim security to be its top priority - Greer Aviation has the evidence to prove it. One of the first to invest in high-level security scanners, in spring 2005 we took delivery of brand new Rapiscan x-ray baggage scanners and walk-through metal detectors for our Prestwick FBO.

Consider the example of executive clients whose baggage is handled by numerous third parties such as drivers, porters and golf caddies. As we have screening facilities which some other FBOs do not, Greer Aviation can screen your baggage on departure ensuring that at this key point in your journey that you are as safe as can be.

Only a small number of UK FBOs are able to provide in-house security screening, and we are delighted to be one of them. We're also confident that the convenience and privacy afforded by having our security facilities on-site will appeal to a wide range of our clients.

Our range of services include :

•  Full aircraft handling, with all necessary ground equipment

•  In-house passenger and baggage screening

•  Crew and passenger lounges, with free internet / WiFi access

•  Executive VIP lounge with free WiFiand CAT5 ports

•  Fuel - we accept most major contract fuel/credit cards (see Home Page for listing)

•  Hotel bookings at preferred rates, from those near the airport to city centre locations

•  Transport at preferred rates, from black cab to chauffeur-driven Mercedes, Bentleys or Jaguars

•  Car and SUV hire at preferential rates

•  Customs and Immigration arrangements

•  VIP catering - we have excellent local contacts who present to a very high standard

•  Complimentary drinks and refreshments

•  Flight plan filing, weather and NOTAMs

•  Water and toilet service

•  Aircraft cleaning and de-icing

•  International newspapers

•  Transport to/from main airport terminal building

Any special or unusual requests? Let us know and we'll do our best to arrange them for you.

Eating out? Have a look at the hotels, restaurants and bars we recommend.


You have an outstanding FBO there, we won't go anywhere else".


Chief of Current Ops

“Thank you for the follow-up.  The staff at Greer Aviation was for lack of a better word.… awesome!  By far the BEST FBO I have been to to date.  As for the golf, I was able to stay dry. It started to rain as I was putting on hole 18. Yeah, Dundonald Links was a great course. The bunkers are no joke! I hope to return soon!”

Capt USAF C-17 ANG