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Prestwick International Airport, Prestwick, Scotland KA9 2PQ

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Monday 1st December 2014

Greer Aviation would like to wish all our customers a very Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays and a prosperous and successful New Year. We’d also like to take this opportunity to reassure all of our customers that we continue to operate at Prestwick Airport and continue to offer our acclaimed one-stop-shop world class service.

Saturday / Sunday 6/7 September 2014

Greer Aviation were privileged to handle the majority of the attending aircraft at this year’s Scottish Air Show which took place in Prestwick and Ayr. From the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight, including the Canadian Lancaster (Vera) to the Vulcan we were able to provide fast turnarounds and all necessary services on time to ensure that the pilots met their display commitments. The Blades Aerobatic team said that “it was one of the fastest turnarounds that they had ever seen” and were highly appreciative of the speed as it enabled them to meet their display time in Portrush.

We look forward to welcoming them back next year.

Tuesday 1st October 2013

Greer Aviation are delighted to announce that they have been chosen by the DLA (Defence Logistics Agency, www.dla.mil) to be the contract fueller for all US Forces aircraft at Prestwick Airport (EGPK). “This is tremendous news for the team” said David Grant, Commercial Director for Greer Aviation “as it adds the final dimension to our already highly-regarded levels of service with the US Forces”.

Greer Aviation now provide the complete one-stop-shop for all transiting US Forces aircraft and crews, our streamlined logistics ensuring that your mission leaves on time or earlier and with our exclusive rates at local hotels enabling you to rest whilst we look after your aircraft. For the best of service on this side of the pond, contact Greer Aviation on 01144 1292 511034 or email ops@greeraviation.com.

Thursday 20th December 2012

EGPK open for business as usual!


"Further to our memorandum dated Nov 28 2012 regarding the BP suspension by the EPA and pursuant to the FAR9.405 (a), DLA has approved a compelling reasons determination to authorize Aircard local purchases of aviation fuel at commercial airports from Air BP where Air BP is the sole provider for fuel or when no other refuelling option will meet the mission requirements.

If you have any questions, please contact the Air Card Program Manager - Mrs Liz Baines, 703-767-9738”.

Linda P Barnett, Director, Mobility Fuels, Customer Operations.

Thursday 1st November 2012

Greer Aviation are delighted to announce the award of the Ministry of Defence FBO contract for 3 years at Prestwick Airport. This is an important piece of business for both ourselves and Prestwick Airport, which is often used by the RAF, Army and Navy aircraft for both training and tech stops. We look forward to welcoming the crews back to Dakota House again (RAF aircraft shown below).

Monday 2nd April 2012

Greer Golf/Aviation are delighted to be welcomed in as the newest member to IAGTO (the International Association of Golf Tour Operators) providing a unique ability to manage the handling of the private aircraft, as well as arranging the client's golf and accommodation needs, giving our clients the perfect one-stop shop to visit Ayrshire in Scotland and the Home of the Open Golf Championship. In addition, we have excellent relationships with the East Coast and Northern courses, knowing from personal experience the hidden gems of Scottish golf to create unique packages that will stay in the memory for ever.