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EGPK - Dakota House, McIntyre Avenue,

Prestwick International Airport, Prestwick, Scotland KA9 2PQ

Tel: +44 (0)1292 511034 / 678252     F: +44(0)1292 678222

E: ops@greeraviation.com        FREQ: 122.050 MHz

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Dining / Bars


There’s a wide variety of dining opportunities in Prestwick and Ayr, all within easy walking distance of your hotels. All of these are well known to us and we regularly recommend them to visitors to Greer Aviation, as well as using them ourselves too.

Most of the bars will also do bar meals but we’ll separate out those which are mainly known as bars below.

Prestwick          Troon               Ayr

Elliots                                   Scotts at the Marina          The Tree House

The Dome                            Cecchini’s                           Cecchini’s

The Taj                                                                           Ayr India



Jamie’s Italian          

Sapporo Teppinyaki

Bars / Bar Meals

Prestwick          Troon               Ayr

Elliots                                    Scotts at the Marina         Caprice

The Dome                                                                      The West Kirk

Caprice                                                                          Tam O’Shanter

The Prestwick Pioneer

The Golf Inn

We are definitely planning on stopping through your location, your customer service is second to none".

Major, USAF ANG,

Chief of Current Operations

We can offer a one-stop-shop for booking accommodation as well as ground-handling and transport. Ask us about our Hotel business partners.